Setting up home!

We brought a two seater sofa, a double bed, (bedpost and mattress) a wooden linen box, a lamp, a double bed duvet and pillow cover set and home delivery to boot for around £500 -all from IKEA, which I think is a bargain.

We brought the two seater sofa (extorp model) in white for £225.  Beige and other colours were a lot more expensive- around £325 or more so we opted for the white and we will hunt for a nice throw to put over the sofa.  If you’re searching for even more of a bargain there is a cheaper two piece sofa (klobo model) for £95! Tis’ a bargain I hear you cry!! Tis’ indeed!  Please see link below for sofas.
Double bed for family/friends room
The bed frame and mattress came to around £200 which aint bad at all considering how comfy it was, I nearly fell asleep lying on it.  So family and friends, this is the lovely bed you will be sleeping on when you come to visit us.
Other thrifty furniture stores
We checked out The British Heart Foundation Furniture shop in Erdington (Birmingham) which sells some good pieces of furniture, its definitely worth checking out. As well as bagging yourself a bargain, you support a good cause too. We will probably pop back to buy a coffee table and bed side cabinet from there.  Some pieces look quite vintage too.
Thrifty bed covers/duvet & pillow covers
We brought a luxury  Egyptian cotton double fitted sheet for £12.99 RRP £40 from Home Sense and a beautiful double duvet and pillow cover set for £15 from IKEA. Both are very good quality.
I hope to post photos soon once we’re all moved into the house and Matt and I assemble the furniture!

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