Make your own Latte’s…forget starbucks

I used to be a sucker for starbuck’s and cafe nero and all the other huge chain coffee stores and buy a latte most mornings on the way to work to get my coffee fix.  Of course, buying drinks out regularly all adds up, even if you buy a coffee out twice a week that’s…say £5.00 a week…over the month that’s £25-£30.  So now I make my own milky lattes and they are just as nice…if not better.

Simple home made latte recipe

1) Microwave half a cup of milk for a few minutes, or until the milk is nice and hot and a bit frothy
2) add your coffee/sugar and half a cup of hot water and stir
3) drink and enjoy…..yes it’s that simple and easy

I make them regularly for work colleagues and they no longer bother going to cafe nero down the road any more…..they’re hooked I tell ya!


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