Thrifty January Finds!

The January sales are here and I think the large commercial shops get enough of our money already, so I’m a big fan of shopping in charity shops and supporting good causes in the process. Plus you never really know what you’re going to find in charity shops, whereas the trends in the top shops anh&ms are somewhat predictable and after a while all their clothes look the same…at least to me anyway.

My good friend and I shared the most magical January weekend together, filled with laughs, good coffee in our favourite greasy spoon in South London and of course some retail therapy and bargain hunting.

The small St Christopher’s Hospice charity shop in Lordship Lane in East Dulwich, London is my favourite charity shop.  It’s small and cosy, the manager is lovely and there are some amazing treasures to be found.

Here are a few treasures I found in St Christopher’s charity shop that weekend.  I also found two lovely dresses which I will blog about in my next post.

Polka dot set of cups £3 (similar set of cups seen in House of Fraser for around £20)
Leather Fiorelli Purse £4
Beautiful wicker basket £4 (ideal for putting all my cosmetics in one place)!

A beautiful seashore inspired piece, detailing a conch, a star fish and a sea horse, I thought it was quite unusual and will look lovely in our bathroom  £3

The moment I laid eyes on this beautiful bird, I knew it was coming home with me! £5


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