All you need is a hot water bottle and a book!

I wanted to get creative and crafty last weekend and wanted to get my hands on a hot water bottle because it’s getting a bit nippy tisn’t it?! So I checked out Paper Chase and they had some damn good items for sale. I was on my lunch break so I was rushing around the shop like a maniac and picked up a scrap book full price and a hot bottle that was quite expensive and thought to myself where are the sales?! So I asked the shop assistant if they had a hot water bottle and scrap book in the sale and low and behold they did indeedio!! I picked up a beautiful scrap book half price reduced to £6 from £12 and a hot water bottle for £3 reduced from £10  Moral of the story…I will try not to shop in haste during my lunch beak and pick up the first thing I see!

I also picked up a beautiful book on interior design and home decor in TX Max for £8 reduced from £25.
I’m itching to move out into my own place…not long now..three weeks to go, so I’m spending the evenings reading this book with a hot water bottle thinking about how I’m going to pimp out our pad! Options are limited to what the land lord agrees of course but one can dream!

‘Making a House Your Home’  £7.99 at TK Max
J’adore this hot water bottle. Paper Chase – £3
Random pic of my favourite note book –  I brought it from New Zealand, in Auckland in a stationary shop and just fell in love with it!   I just love arty stationary shops
So as the days get longer, and darker what is better than curling up in bed watching your favourite box set or reading a good book…or in my case not so much reading but looking at the pictures of an interior design book!

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