‘Thrifty Chic’ Interior Style on a Shoestring by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell

I was in search of some thrifty interior design inspiration (much to my partners annoyance as he loves all things modern and relatively expensive) and hunted down a beautiful book on  Amazon entitled ‘Thrifty Chic’ retail price is £14.99 and I think I brought it for around £6 on line.  I was very excited when it arrived in the post and flicked through the pages looking at all the pictures of vintage furniture found in thrift stores and pictures of bedrooms, bathroom and kitchens with a real character to them.

The books inspired me to re use and revamp what I already have and think outside the box to decorate the home.  When I lived in New Zealand and my mum visited us, she decorated our living room window ledge with sea shells and I put some in the bathroom as well.  It looked so pretty and of course it didn’t cost a penny and it brought the theme of nature and the beach into our apartment.  The book shows us how we can do a similar thing with a collection of beautiful pebbles.

Or how about those milk bottles…just pop some flowers in them and voila you have a beautiful collection…

What the book really got me thinking about was how much ‘stuff’ we have and collect and put in our homes to gather dust.  I definately agree with the authors that simplicity is key to a relaxing home.  When my surroundings are really messy…which they often are or my office desk at work is loaded with paper, its quite common to feel more stressed as your surroundings can affect your mind set.  The authors write that the key to a good nights sleep is to sleep in a room that is tidy and  uncluttered and is free of all modern day technology – so good bye TV’s, back berrys, apple laptops, iphones and other electrical items….yep its back to basics.
The writers also touched on the idea that the key to a frugal or thrifty home is to have only what you need in the house and not buy stuff for the sake of it.  The picture above of a bedroom is uncluttered with a distinct simple and minimalist style…‘perhaps the main challenge offered by this room is to question whether we need to have as much as we do – and if we would sleep better and feel happier with fewer possessions around us.’   Certainly food for thought…..

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