Winter/Spring walks with Monty and Rufus

The air is crisp, ’tis a bit chilly, wellington boots are on and and the dogs and I are off on a Winter/Spring walk.  It’s that time of year where the months are caught between two seasons – between the cold weather; the winter that strips the trees of their decorative leaves and the Spring that brings about change, sunshine and growth.

Ahhh I love being out and about with my wellies on and walking the dogs, I think I like it just as much as Monty and Rufus who make uncontrollable happy noises when you announce it’s ‘walkies!’  I’m a Londoner and a town girl through and through but I feel like a country bumpkin in the making when I walk the dogs in the fields, feed the ducks by the pond and get my wellington boots all muddy!

Monty and Rufus (above) are looking at the pond and the ducks and deciding whether they should jump in and go for a swim!
The local pond and ducklings!
Monty is looking very happy with himself (left) Rufus is looking a bit forlorn or maybe he’s spotted another dog! (right)
There is something very therapeutic about going for a leisurely walk in the weekends, being surrounded by a vast expanse of greenery and seeing how happy the dogs are to be out and about on a sniffing adventure. As well as being great exercise, I find walking really clears my head. I’ve also read somewhere recently that looking after animals can reduce depression and I have definitely felt the great benefits of looking after these two beautiful Labradors.  It’s so funny watching how the dogs are so happy at the simplest of things – like food, walking, someone coming home from work or having a bit of attention.  I’ve learnt a lot from this pair – to take stock of the small things in life, appreciate the moment more, and I think I look forward to ‘walkies’ just as much as them.

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