A room with a view

We’re all moved into a place called home and we’re very lucky indeed. We have been so lucky to find such a beautiful place that’s affordable to rent. I woke at ridiculous hour o clock a few mornings ago in the new flat as I couldn’t sleep as I was so excited to have our own place to call home! I opened our windows in our bedroom that overlook the communal garden and we heard the birds tweeting away as I perched on the juliet balcony….very idyllic and it was such a lovely way to start the day.

We have spent the last five days assembling ikea furniture….ok…my partner has as I’m useless with stuff like that… but I pitched in and helped by making him cups of tea and passing him the hammer and tools now and then! I really enjoyed spending a good few days adding personal touches to the flat and making it homely and snug.  It was like having a blank canvass that I could paint and inspired by a book called ‘Thrifty Chic’ that I brought from amazon a few weeks ago, I decorated the flat with pretty reduced flowers and put them in milk bottles and a gorgeous vase from ikea….simple but effective.

We’re trying to go for the minimal look, bright, clean and simplistic decor and space that’s free from clutter, so I spent a good few hours sorting out bits and pieces to donate to the charity shop.  My wardrobe is now filled with clothes I actually need and will make use of and everything in the flat has its purpose and we’re going to try and keep it like that. Ahhh fresh starts…..a new home and new beginnings and Spring is in the air!


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