London views and shooooes!!

I had an amazing weekend in South London this weekend visiting family and friends. It was the first time my partner and I visited London together…and he loved it. Forget Central London…I’m a South London girl through and through. I love the eclectic, urban and quirky shops without the pretentiousness and crazily expensive price tags…..and there’s a great sense of community as well.

The best things in life really are free…nothing beats walking around the Park in Spring with loved ones and taking in beautiful views. We walked through Forest Hill park (pics to follow) and gazed at the beautiful mosaic near Horniman museum and beautiful daffodils and flowers.  Everything was….beautiful innit, it was great to be in my home town South London.

I think Spring is the best season, the air is crisp, the sun’s out, flowers have bloomed and there’s a feeling of hope and possibility in the air…new beginnings and leafy trees.

I did a spot of  shopping in Mary’s Giving and Living shop and came across some amazing shoes- brand new and proceeds go to Save The Children.

In the space of 24 hours, we managed to coach it to London from Birmingham and back again and spend quality time with partner, cousin and cousins partner, have a good catch up over coffee with friends and see my auntie and uncle briefly.  A jam packed weekend full of great memories.


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