Charity Shop Fashion!

Over the last week I’ve snapped up some real bargains, I brought a great pair of shoes in Mary’s Living and Giving Shop in Lordship Lane in South London. Do check out these shops – they’re great, full of designer labels and proceeds go to Save the Children – they’re are a dozen of these shops in London.

£25 Suede Designer shoes – Brand New from Mary’s Living and Giving Shop

This week I’ve also bagged myself some vogue and Ideal Home mags for 30p from my local Save the Children Charity shop. Someone donated a dozen vogue magazines – their whole yearly subscription! Vogue sells for around £4 in the shops and I’ve never been a vogue reader as it’s too high fashion for me and too highly priced but at 30p a magazine I thought I’d give buy a few.  I do love all things interior design and so was well excited to buy a few Ideal Home mags.  I brought all four magazines for around £1.20 not bad ey!

And lastly…..I brought this dress in my local charity shop for £5…the label is Closet…I’ve never heard of the label before, but I googled it and their dresses are around the £40-£60 mark so was pretty pleased with this bargain too.

I think the trick with charity shop shopping (that’s a mouthful) is only to buy stuff that you actually need and will regularly use/wear and if you see stuff that would make great gifts for friends and family.  It’s all to tempting to accumulate lots of  ‘stuff’ because it’s cheap..but you end up with a cluttered house/wardrobe and it aint all that cheap if you buy half the charity shop. Trust me I would know…  I also try to buy good labels/good quality clothes that will last, I’ve picked up clothes that are brand new or have hardly been worn before in charity shops.

Us ladies do need some retail therapy now and then and I think it’s good for the soul to occasionally buy stuff that you want…so charity shops are great for me to have a little retail therapy and with the proceeds going to charity it’s a no brainer.

I live in Birmingham and there a few decent charity shops near me, but I j’adore charity shopping in London – I might treat myself to a little charity shopping trip in the Summer near my birthday and see what the charity shops in Chelsea have to offer darling!

Do you like charity shopping? Where are your favourite charity shops and what bargains have you bagged?


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