Wonder Walks

My partner’s mum has two beautiful labradors that we help look after – I regularly take them for walks and I don’t know who looks forward to these walks more – me or the dogs!  These two amazing dogs have been in my life a whole eight months now and they have helped get me through some rocky times, yep, animals can definately do that!  They say exercise and looking after animals are two sure ways to keep you in good spirits and I combine both when I walk the dogs for a good half an hour or so whenever I can.

I was feeling very sorry for myself the other day – we all have ’em…you know those days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and things seems to go down hill from there? Yes, it was one of those and I thought to myself….walking the dogs will surely snap me out of this mood and it certainly helped.  Here’s some pics I took of the the two beauties on our walking adventure this week.Image



I just love walking around the park and we’re very lucky as we live near the country so there’s a real country feel to the local park and you feel like you’re out in the sticks.  When I’ve got my wellies on and I’m walking through the mud and the dogs are running off on a sniffing adventure – I find it totally clears my mind and helps chill me out.

How awesome are animals?!

What do you do that helps you chill and relax when you’re feeling stressed?

Has having animals helped you in difficult times?  Comments welcome!





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  1. Aw, those labs are gorgeous! I have a border collie and he always cheers me up. A good walk does help to brighten my mood too. Meant to say, you should check out The Joy of Simple blog run by Lyle. He lives a simple and frugal lifestyle and is very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Hayley! I will check out the blog

  3. My those dogs look happy…as I’m sure you did as well Sara 🙂

    I don’t usually get stressed out, but I do get in those blue moods every once in a while. Having a pet does indeed help because no matter what mood you are in, you still have to take care of your furry friend which helps to break the mood.

    I have a cat who enjoys being affectionate – when she WANTS to be – and it’s nice to come home to a pet who is happy to see you 🙂

    Thanks for dropping my The Joy of Simple blog earlier and thanks Hayley for the introduction!! It’s nice to meet you Sara! I’m off to check out some more of your posts!

    Take care and all the best.


  4. saramary86 says:

    Thanks for stopping by Lyle, I love discovering new blogs…there’s a whole blogging world out there and I’m just starting to discover it! I look forward to reading your blog, keep writing those posts 🙂

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