Simple Food on a Small Budget

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I’m not a fan of cook books, most of them I find are filled with elaborate recipes and ingredients with over complicated instructions,where you need to be a lady of leisure and have a fat wallet to make sense of them…But I found myself drawn to this cook book ‘A girl called Jack’ when I was in Waterstones a few weeks ago (lucky me had a voucher to use – courtesy of my boyfriend’s work for hitting his sales targets).  I had heard about the blog ‘A girl called Jack’ and the more than tight budget she had to feed her child and herself… so I brought it.

I haven’t tried out any recipes yet- I’ve just read the first few pages, but I will get cookin’ up a storm in the kitchen boy… soon enough…

This cook book is different though, no pretentious crap, just honest, heart felt words from a mum struggling to make ends meet, but wanting to cook nutritious, wholesome food for her boy and herself on a very small budget and managing to do so. As Jack writes in the first few pages of her cook book – we live in a culture that encourages us to spend, waste, spend, waste – all over again and to eat fast food or try to be grand chef’s in the kitchen and spend a fortune on food.

I’m not a great cook myself, but I like cooking and food and I hate waste and I can’t afford to spend lots…so I try and cook basic, simple, nutritious food that’s relatively cheap but I do want to experiment and get more confident in the kitchen so here goes……I will keep you posted 🙂


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