Please help me raise money for Street Child

From 28th April – 2nd May I will be living below the line. £5 will cover all my food and drink for five days and I will be raising money for Street Child – a global movement that offers protection and hope to millions of children living on the street world wide.

It would be amazing if you could head on over to my page and sponsor me.


Please watch this video to find out about Crystal’s story:


When I was a child – like most people, I had the luxuries of shelter, food, a warm bed, warmth, love and family.  The thought of millions of children out there that are living on the street, with no food, money, protection…it’s unimaginable for us and no one should be subjected to this.  I can’t believe that the Government can spend billions on funding war and violence and we can overlook the extreme poverty that is a heart breaking reality for millions of people all over the world.

£5 over five days will cover all my food and drink, it is unbelievable to think that for many people, other necessities, such as shelter, health and transport will also need to be taken into account with this tiny amount of money.

I hope the experience will open my eyes to the harsh realities of extreme poverty and raise money cash for a good cause in the process.



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