Whip your Home into Shape …Spring Clean Time!

Yes, I am writing a post about cleaning and the simple joy it gives me. Oh dear I am a bit sad but carry on reading and you will find out why I love de-cluttering, scrubbing – with a bit of elbow grease – you heard me girl.. you gotta put some ‘umph’ into it and bagging up ‘stuff’ to give away, recycle or bin.  (I’m writing this after a half hour exercise workout at home – using a fitness dvd, so I apologise for the subtle motivational exercise lingo used in this post).



Sometimes we let our home get out of shape – with lots of ‘stuff’ everywhere it’s hard to know where to start.  Sometimes we hold onto things because we are certain that we will need that item at some point down the line…even though we haven’t used/worn it in three years…we tell ourselves it will come in handy one day. Nope my friend it’s time to let go….I tend to go the other extreme and tend to bag everything in sight to either give away or recycle so a happy medium is better.

Spring is here, the birds are tweeting and the sun’s come out so what better time to whip your home into shape with a spring clean.

My tips to Whip your Home into Shape with a Spring Clean

1. Break it down….

If you look at the whole house/flat and the clutter and mess it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s all built up over the weeks/months.

Break the cleaning down into one room at a time, concentrate solely on that particular room and once that’s done…move on to the next.  Another way I’ve read to keep on top of housework (I don’t do this but might start) is to clean for 15 mins – half an hour each day, so you don’t let the housework build up into a massive task. (I’m more of the school of thought of letting the house work build up and then blitzing it all in several hours and rewarding myself with a treat…preferably of a chocolate kind afterwards).

2. Let it go……

I will give you an example – I had about 10 magazines that all sat under our coffee table creating a bit of a mess, and I vowed to read them all….that was months ago.  So I decided it was time to recycle some paper and put all the magazines in recycling.  Similarly, if you haven’t worn or used something for a long time, lets say 6-12 months, you probably won’t in the future, so bag up that baby and give some stuff to the charity shop.

3. Put some music on and shake what your mama gave ya!

Seriously, if you scrub hard enough this spring clean is a work out and a half. Think of all the muscles you’re using.  No wonder why people call cleaning therapeutic, I’m sure we get a decent rush of endorphins from a rigorous spring clean.

4. Get to every nook and cranny

It’s time to give your home a real good dust and clean and get to those places we don’t clean that often.  The sun has a funny way of bringing to light the dirt on the windows and dust lying about the place, so get that duster out of the cupboard and work it.

5. Spring clean your wardrobe.

Store all your woollies away, your boots, along with your hats and scarves – yes I am hopeful that we are going to have a good British Summer with lots of sun.  It’s time to bring out all your Spring and Summer clothes and make the most of what you’ve got.

6. Reward yourself

Whether it’s a nice cuppa, or a doughnut…sit back and enjoy….you deserve it!


How about yourself – do you enjoy spring cleaning?

Do you have any tips to share?  Comments welcome!! 🙂


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