I just ate all the cheese cake….again!



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I think I have some serious binge eating tendencies going on.  I can eat a healthy breakfast and do my exercise video before work – impressive ey?! No, not quite because by 7pm the same day I’ve eaten nearly all of the chocolate cheese cake (I mean a big cheesecake that serves four people) that was on offer in Tesco’s and looked too tempting not to buy – therefore undoing all of my good work!!  This is a cycle that I find myself in over and over again.  I feel all smug and healthy as I tuck into my tuna salad and then a trigger – usually a pretty bad day at work or hormones etc will kick in and I reach into the fridge for some comfort food.

Does anyone else out there have these binging tendencies – where you can eat healthily but then binge like there’s no tomorrow?

I would like to add, that fortunately I do not purge and never have done, I just eat lots of unhealthy foods – usually of the sweet and chocolate variety, I then feel very lethargic after and then go to bed and sleep it off.
I find that I usually binge eat when I’m feeling stressed, emotional, hormonal or bored.  Or it may be that I have room in my tum for a little dessert after dinner but instead of eating a little bit of something sweet – I go the other extreme and eat all of it.  This is particularly embarrassing as I live with my partner and we share food so I often eat his share and then sometimes go to the shop and buy replacement food. Cringe.
I guess I’m writing this post as it’s quite cathartic getting it out into the blogging hemisphere and I want to know if any one has similar eating habits and if they have managed to change them. 
What I also find frustrating is that I will tend to binge eat when I have set myself a goal to eat healthier and do more exercise.  I may be doing great for the first few days or even few weeks of the healthy eating plan and then it seems out of no where I waste all my hard work and effort and revert back to unhealthy/binge eating. So I really struggle with consistency when it comes to healthy eating.
So what’s the answer? A little bit of everything in moderation? Ha! It’s the ‘little’ bit of everything that catches me out every time – because I can eat a little bit….but then ten mouthfuls later I eat the whole blimmin lot!
I  recently heard of a healthy eating plan that lets you have one cheat day every week where you can eat pretty much what you want on that particular day off.  This might be the answer….I don’t know….all I know is that my belly is full of chocolate cheese cake as I’m writing this.
I would love to hear if any one has come up with a healthy eating plan/mindset that works for them….or if any one has binge eaten or still does…it’s good to feel we are not alone! Comments welcome.

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  1. I completely know how you feel. I can eat healthy all day then have cheesy chips with lashings of mayo and a Dr Pepper and feel crap about myself. I’m still stuck in this cycle but I WILL break it.

  2. saramary86 says:

    Ahh I am not alone!! We can break the cycle! I do feel better for writing about it…maybe the first is admitting there’s a problem and then looking to work on it. X

  3. I struggle with sticking to a healthy eating plan Sara. I always eat much more junk food when I’m really thinking about trying not to! I tell myself I don’t want or need chocolate (or wine) and then I can’t stop thinking about those things. Distraction is the only thing that works for me and not worrying too much about being on a healthy eating ‘plan’. By the way, loving the new blog design! It’s very clear and easy to read.

  4. saramary86 says:

    Why is it the more you try not to think about something you end up thinking about it lots! Distraction sounds like a good idea Hayley…and stress less…I’m not going to beat myself up for eating all the cheese cake…it’s done now…tomorrows another day!! glad you like the new blog design. X

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