lavender picking & fabric note books

I’m on the hunt for super easy, cheap… or better yet free ways to get creative and get home making.

Since I was little I’ve always been into home making –  I remember rearranging the utensils and tea and coffee pots in the kitchen and being really excited when mum brought some new kitchen ware to revamp the kitchen – I must have been seven or eight years old!

So you can imagine what I’m like now in my own home – I’m always pottering around the flat – rearranging bits and pieces to give our home a comforting look and feel.  We are incredibly lucky to have a beautiful and spacious flat and it’s our canvass and haven. I love having family and friends to stay and having them feel relaxed and at home.

I’m reading two homely and creative books at the moment; one is called ‘Making A House Your Home’ by  Clare Nolan and the other – ‘The Art Of Handmade Living’ By Willow Crossley.  I picked up the later book in Oxfam book shop in South London for £4 (normally £17) and I brought the book by Clare Nolan from TK Max for £8 (RRP £25). Oh I do love a bargain!

Inspired by one of Willow Crossley’s creative ideas about making a fabric notebook…I thought I’d give it a go as I had a note book and some fabric lying around the flat. I didn’t follow the instructions in the book as I didn’t have glue and the other bits and bobs, so I just cut out the fabric to fit my small note book and cello-taped the fabric to the book. It took less than 5 minutes and I love the end result.


pic note


fabric note book


The note book does look a little rough around the edges and frayed…but I think it adds to the charm.

Next on my creative list this weekend was foraging for lavender in our communal garden.  I cut a few lavender stalks to put in a pretty vase and they look beautiful sitting on the window ledge.  Jugs, jam jars, tea pots and pretty cups make great homes for flowers – I rarely use a conventional flower vase. I look out for reduced flowers in the shops that need rescuing and I give them a happy ending with lots of sun light and water, you’d be surprised how long they can last.


make the most


Right, well I’m off to make another de-caff tea in my favourite mug and read some more of these books….bliss!

fav mug


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