I am posting a picture of myself as a child in support of the 1.5 million children who are neglected and abused in the UK. Politicians say there are ‘no votes in vulnerable children’ but by signing this @KidsCompany petition www.seethechild.org we are showing them we care and we demand change. Together we can See the Child. Change the System. #SEETHECHILD or Text I SEE to 63000




Please watch and share this video – it is heart wrenching – a terrible reality for millions of children in the UK.

The social care system and mental health services are in desperate need of change to protect vulnerable children.  Things can change and they must change. Please sign this petition at www.seethechild.org and read more about the changes that have to take place to protect our children.

Below is an excerpt from http://www.seethechild.org Here we are faced with some terrible statistics that can no longer be ignored due to budget restraints and red tape. Politicians must effect change.

‘Local authorities are reluctant to capture the real numbers of children with serious needs because if they did they would have a legal responsibility to offer them services. Their budgets simply don’t allow for this level of care. Consequently, the numbers of children described as needing help are vastly underrepresented. For at least two decades, central governments have been aware of this minimisation of the scale of the problem. Vulnerable children are unable to protest or hold the system accountable. In a recent report, ‘How safe are our children’ (2014), the NSPCC was left estimating the numbers of children in need: [i]

  • Children negatively impacted by parental alcoholism range in numbers from 920,000 to 3.5million
  • Those impacted by parental mental health difficulties range from 50,000 to 2million
  • Children impacted by domestic violence are thought to be just under 1.8million
  • One in 20 children are believed to be sexually abused

Please sign the petition today; we are the voice for these children.



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