Pound Land & Magazine Freebies!!

Hey fellow bargain hunters, this blog post is an ode to Pound Land and how amazing it is and a bit about some recent top notch magazine freebies that can be found in Glamour magazine.

I can find pretty much what I need in terms of cosmetics, toiletries and every day household necessities in Pound Land; although Pound Land sells a lot more than sugary snacks and toiletries.

Take a look at the toiletries I brought today, I also brought some tights (each pack contains three tights), baking weighing scales (Jane Asher’s range) and some tea bags.

pound land goodiesgoodies selected

My favourite Pound Land finds are Nivea’s ‘Free Time’ shower crème; it smells beautiful and it has a really refreshing and summery aroma. I also love Pure’s sensitive facial wipes – each pack has 25 wipes and you can buy two packs for a £1. The Johnson’s range for sensitive skin is brilliant too.  All this would cost a lot more if I brought it in Boots; take Nivea’s shower crème range for example – they cost £1.99 in Boots and I’m sure the Johnson’s range would be a lot more than a quid.

I stocked up my tea jar with Tetley tea bags – you can buy 80 tea bags for £1; the normal RRP is £1.80.  As well as all the unhealthy sugary snacks that you can find in Pound Land they also do some really healthy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts and some weight watchers goodies! I brought some dried cranberries, three fruit pots for …you guessed it £1 and some yoghurt coated rice cakes.


food £1

book £1shower hose

Our shower hose had gone bust so I was so pleased we found a replacement for a quid and it actually works! I also picked up a book – ‘Lady Catherine’s Necklace’ which is a sequel to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.

I’m starting to wonder if there is anything you can’t find in Pound Land!


Magazine Freebies!

Ladies, be sure to buy a copy of Glamour in your nearest store..it’s only £2 and you can pick up a freebie mascara (Clinique range) and a few weeks ago they were giving away Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner.  I don’t know the RRP of these products but they would be a hell of a lot more than £2!

The eyeliner is brilliant and easy to apply – I’m well stocked up on these and I gave some away to family and friends and I’ve stocked up on a few of the mascaras too.

mascara freebieeyeliner freebie


Oh I do love a bargain!


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