42 days to feel lighter, healthier & get back control!

I’ve set myself a challenge over the next 6 weeks to get fit and healthy and kick some bad habits, and I’m going to blog about it to make myself accountable to the process and help me stick to it…because it’s all about consistency.

I have a goal in sight – on Friday 29th August my partner and I will be going away for a weekend break and I want to be feeling a lot healthier and more energetic by then.  It’s about time I got around to getting healthy and saying adios to some bad habits so with this weekend get away in 6 weeks time I thought now would be the perfect time to stop thinking about getting healthy and fit and actually make it a reality.

I brought Debbie Siebers’ ‘Slim in 6’ work out video to help me shape up. It contains three DVD’s and each work out gets harder as you go along.  I brought this months ago and I’ve tried it intermittently but it’s about time I used it properly and stick to the 6 week ‘Slim in 6 plan.’

vid   health calendar

I’ve drawn out an action plan calendar, and written a motivational quote to keep me going and put some flowery Cath Kidston stickers on the poster to give it a floral touch!  Whenever I have a goal in mind I always draw out a calendar and tick of the days each day – it helps me to stay motivated.

The ‘rules’ I’ve set myself are – to do the ‘Slim in 6’ work out video every day, cut out caffeine, drink lots of water and green tea, eat lots of fruit and veg and fish and just fill up on healthy foods. So adios sugary, unhealthy foods, farewell chocolate biscuits – we shall meet another time but you shall not pass my lips for 42 days.  You see I don’t do moderation, if I have one biscuit, I usually end up having two, three….four so I think it’s just best to cut it all out for the next 6 weeks to get maximum results. But I do want to master the art of moderation…but that’s another challenge for another time!

So here goes…..


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  1. Jane says:

    Ive got loads of dvds..just no motivation..I might try this xx
    Good luck x

    1. saramary86 says:

      thanks Jane, it’s tough getting motivated, the Slim in 6 dvd is definitely a challenge, I found the first dvd ok, now i’m onto the second dvd called ‘ramp it up’ and it certainly does that! I dread to think what the third dvd has in store for me…but I like the fact that there’s different levels that increase in intensity. X

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