A mini adventure on my doorstep!

I was reading this months edition of the ‘Psychologies’ magazine and the main theme of this month is all about being adventurous and what adventure means.  It was good reading that being more adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean booking a safari trip or making any big life changes; you can find adventure in every day life too. Let’s face it, most of us can’t afford to book regular holidays or perhaps be as adventurous as we would really like…life gets in the way.  For me adventure is all about having a break from your ordinary routine and letting go and being free.


be free


Image courtesy of http://www.favim.com


My friend visited me from London last weekend and we had a blast.  We didn’t do anything fancy, it was all low key and chilled and sometimes those are the best weekends. Luckily my friend’s not too keen on walking around shopping centres so I didn’t have to take her around the massive bull ring shopping centre in Birmingham city centre. I’m not a fan of walking around shopping centres especially on a beautiful sunny day, I’d much rather be out and about appreciating the weather and sights and sounds – and sights and sounds is what we got. We saw cows, dogs, a wasp that was intent on eating our picnic and we got chatting to some random people. This all made for a perfect mini adventure.

It’s sometimes those days where you don’t do anything particularly fancy but you’ll know you’ll never forgot them – those are the best days.

I hear that we’re going to have some more sun through August so let’s make the most of it. It’s picnic weather – you can’t beat a good old picnic. Last weekend our adventure began with a trip to Aldi for some nibbles including fresh bread, olives, hummus, stuffed peppers and we used up the fruit  in the house and of course the chocolate bar and hit the communal garden for a mini feast. You can’t beat the smell of fresh bread, the taste of delicious food, the warm sun kissing your skin and a good old catch up with a friend.

suz picnic



We then went to the local park and sat by the lake and had tea, we got chatting to a lovely local and admired the beautiful views of the lake. I was lucky enough to catch this photo of one happy dog paddling away – that dog was definitely having an adventure.




We then went for a bit of a walk and came across some cows!! I’ve never seen cows in this park before, I don’t know who was more startled me or the cows because they kept running away from us!



So that was our mini adventure…I’m looking forward to what this weekend brings. I hope you all have a great weekend!


What does adventure mean to you? What are the best days you’ve had and have you had a mini or big adventure recently? I would love to hear your adventures – comments welcome!


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  1. That sounds like a lovely weekend. Relaxed weekends are the best. A few weeks ago I spent the day wondering around the Horniman museum, a few cheeky beers in the pub – great day! I do have lots of grand adventures in my dreams though, Peru, Hawaii, the Arctic……sigh

    1. saramary86 says:

      …Bali…Australia…the list goes on ey!! well for the time being the Horniman and picnics in the park will have to do 😉

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