8 reasons to start volunteering


You probably know by now that I do love a good old charity shop; so much in fact that I’ve started volunteering in my local Oxfam charity shop.

The charity shop manager  – Pamela, is lovely, she never stops working, it’s clear she loves her job and her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I’ve met a few other volunteers – some in their twenties and a few in their sixties and seventies, and I think one volunteer is in her eighties! I really enjoy getting up on a Saturday morning once a fortnight and heading to the little shop.



Here’s some reasons to start volunteering in your local community if you have time:

1) You will be giving something back to society – it’s a small contribution but it makes you feel better!

2) You feel part of your local community.

3) You get to meet some wonderful and inspirational people from all walks of life.

4) It’s fun!

5) It shakes up your normal routine a bit!

6) It keeps things in perspective and it helps keep me grateful. When I volunteer for Oxfam I am constantly reminded how privileged I am to have all the basic things in life that can be easily taken for granted – such as food, water, shelter, a job, family, freedom etc.

7) Studies have shown that volunteering can keep you happy and healthy.

8) Volunteering can increase confidence and it can give people a chance to learn new skills which in turn can help people find employment.

So keep calm and volunteer on!

Images courtesy of http://www.etsy.com and http://www.telegraph.co.uk


Do you volunteer or have you thought about it? Have you found volunteering enjoyable? Comments welcome.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. I used to volunteer and loved it! I volunteered in a museum for 2 years and in an urban farm for a few months! It’s so rewarding and you can learn some valuable experiences – very good for the CV! And as you say – you get to give something back!

    Good on you for taking the time to volunteer! 🙂

    1. saramary86 says:

      Thanks Cottage Retreatist, I do love volunteering at Oxfam – I love the work they do as well. Ohh an urban farm…that sounds right up your street, hopefully when you move to the country you can volunteer on your local farm 😉 x

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