5 easy ways to create a home spa!

In an ideal world; home should be a relaxing place; a place where you can completely unwind and be able to retreat into a comfortable space.

If you’ve got children, or you have a hectic schedule and you don’t get much time to chill at home, it can be very hard to create a clean, relaxing home – what with muddy shoes, dirty linen and household chores to sort through; it may feel like your home is a million miles away from feeling relaxing.  So with that in mind here are some ways to create a more chilled and relaxed feeling at home.

5 budget friendly, easy ways to create a home spa feeling:

1) Try and create at least one room in your home to be as relaxing as possible. The bathroom is a great place to relax; many of us are lucky enough to take a hot shower and a hot soak in the bath; so make sure your bathroom is filled with your favourite shower and bath lotions and potions.  You could light a few candles when you take a bath to create a real spa feeling!

If taking a long hot soak in the bath, practice breathing deeply, letting go of the day and any worries.  You may want to use a bath pillow to rest your neck and shoulders, and immerse yourself in the water for at least 15 minutes.

Try and schedule in a night at least once a week where you pamper yourself; take a hot soak, light some candles, use some luxurious body lotion, read your favourite book and chill!


2) De-clutter your bedroom as much as possible. Better yet, de-clutter your home! Charity shops need your ‘stuff’ so start bagging it up and donate. I don’t know about you but I prefer a de-cluttered home, free from too much ‘stuff.’

I once read somewhere that the focal point in your bedroom should be your bed and not much else.  Put away all the electronics, unnecessary bits and bobs on your bed side cabinet and get back to basics.  Try and have only what you really need in your bedroom; studies have shown that a clean and tidy bedroom, free from all the distractions of TV’s, phones and other electronic goods, helps you to sleep better.


3)  I’m a big fan of aromatherapy. I burn lavender oil in a little oil burner in our bedroom most nights before I go to sleep or I dab some on our pillows.  It’s a natural relaxant and helps you get a good nights sleep. You can also add some aromatherapy oils to your bath.


4) Drink some herbal tea; chamomile, peppermint…..


5) Switch off the TV, light a scented candle, read your favourite book, or do a home beauty treatment; whether that’s painting your nails or applying a face mask – make sure you get pampering!

De-clutter & Donate! I need to do a bit of a de -clutter and bag up some donations. Charity shops accept pretty much anything except from electrical goods. Some charity shops will take your unwanted furniture, even mobile phones, camera equipment and foreign coins alongside the usual unwanted clothes and shoes, games, toys, books and bric a brac…so get bagging up! You’ll feel better for it and your home will be able to ‘breathe’ again.
TK Maxx is a great place to find luxurious lotions and pampering goodies at a fraction of the original RRP.
Pound Land sell 30 tea lights for £1 They’re great for oil burners.
happy time
Make time for ‘free time’ & ‘happy time’ I buy my Nivea ‘free time’ from Pound Land. Bargain!
Burn baby burn! It’s all about aromatherapy. This little owl burner cost £2 and I buy my lavender oil from Holland & Barrett. Keep an eye out for Holland & Barrett’s Penny Sales, I recently bought one bottle of lavender oil and got another bottle for 1p!

Do you have any home spa tips to share? Comments welcome!


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