I’m Potty about my Casserole Pot!

Here’s why I love my casserole pot:

1) My casserole cooking pot does all the hard work for me, all I have to do is just chop up all the ingredients and make my sauce and put all the ingredients into the oven.

2) My pot cooks healthy, tasty, nutritious and budget friendly food.

3) Cooking in this way reduces food wastage as I can use up lots of ingredients in one go.

4) I can make vegetarian casseroles, fish, chicken or meat casseroles so I can cater to lots of different people.

5) I can make lots of food to last several days – my pot serves around 6-7 portions so it’s great to take to work and eat for lunch or have for dinner.

cooking pot

 Here’s my no fuss, mega easy, budget friendly – Mexican Fish Casserole recipe with a kick:

1. Defrost your fish from the freezer under running water.  I buy white fish from the Sainsbury basic range – you can get a whole bag with around 8 portions of fish for £1.50  Iceland also do some great frozen white fish. Sometimes we add smoked fish to give the casserole more of a kick.

If you’re a meat eater, you can replace the fish with chicken or red meat and change the sauce to suit.  A nice creamy peppercorn sauce would work a treat with chicken.  If you’re vegetarian then add lots of mixed beans to get your pulses.

2.  Use up all the vegetables in your fridge and chop them into chunky pieces.  Then  fill up your casserole pot with all your veggies.  I put loads of veggies in –  sweet potatoes, leek, sweet heart cabbage, courgettes, parsnips, fine beans, carrots….and a tin of mixed beans.  Your casserole pot should be brimming with vegetable goodness!

veggie n beans pot


3.  Once your pot is filled with vegetables and beans, then just add half a tube of Italian tomato puree to a measuring jug with a whole sachet of old el paso smoky chipotle chilli and honey powder or whatever sauce flavour you want to use and 400 ml of water and stir until you have one smooth looking sauce.

4.  Dice up your fish into chunky pieces, don’t cut the fish too thin as they’ll disintegrate into little bits and then add the fish to the pot and pour the sauce over all the ingredients.


fish n veggie pot


5) Then turn your oven onto 170 degrees and cook for an hour and a half.  Stir every half an hour.

6)  Eat!




Do you love your stew pot/slow cooker too? Feel free to share your slow cooker recipes, or any recipes that you love! Comments welcome.


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