Cheap as Chips Tomato Soup and Soda Bread

I ain’t a great cook, so I’m all about how to cook simple, healthy, thrifty food quickly and easily. A Girl Called Jack’s budget recipe book is brilliant.  I was able to purchase her cook book when my partner won a high street voucher at work, so I headed straight to Waterstones and picked it up and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped a girl out.

I love her simple, no fuss, budget friendly recipes, that are easy on the wallet and yummy in the tummy! I’m a big fan of her quick and easy soda bread recipe where you don’t need to purchase an expensive bread machine to make mouth watering, crumbly delicious bread!  Jack’s simple tomato and basil soup is a winner too.  I don’t have a food processor so my version of this soup is chunky and heart warming!

In need of some cheap and healthy comfort food, yesterday I headed to Aldi for the ingredients for my cheap as chips soup and bread. I love Aldi’s pantry section where you can pick up self raising flour and bicardinate of soda at a fraction of the price. Aldi’s basic range is a winner, you can’t beat a can of tinned tomatoes for 32p. Head to Pound Land for some budget friendly Jane Asher’s bakery range equipment, where you can pick up some weighing scales and a measuring jug for… you’ve guessed it – a quid.

bread ingsoup ing

Here are the recipes if you fancy giving it a go.  First up – the bangin’ Soda Bread recipe. Soda bread is beautiful with some melted butter or jam or toasted the next day.

bread recipe

Here’s the heart warming, basily, tomato soup recipe made easy peasy lemon squeezy.

soup recipe

Zee  finished yummy food:

bread n soup done

bread done


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