Barter down the price…

When I’m visiting family in Peckham, I make use of the markets to buy my fruit and veg. I do love Peckham, the buzzing vibe, the eclectic mix of shops… it’s so vibrant and alive.

Here are four reasons why I make sure I head to Peckham markets for my fruit and veggies:

1) I want to support these little stalls – they’re peoples livelihoods and they need our custom to keep going.

2) You have the chance to  barter and haggle down the price and boy do I get a buzz doing that!

3) If you’re on a tight budget then buying from markets can be cheaper especially if you barter!

4) It’s fresh produce and if you’re hot on fair trade and sustainable goods, well these little markets sell fair trade too – not just Waitrose and M&S!

If you see a good deal on say a bunch of bananas for x, ask if you can buy them cheaper, the answer may be no but there’s no harm in trying! It’s not rude to ask, because I can guarantee the stall owner would rather you ask and engage your custom than have you walk off because you can’t afford to buy at the asked price.  If you don’t ask, you don’t get – ya get!

Here are todays winning buys after a bit of bartering:

5 fair trade bananas for 50p

4 big bunches of spinach for £1

2 big Avocadoes  £1













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