A Girl Called Jack’s Mixed Bean Goulash!

If you want to be a dab hand in the kitchen, but don’t have wads of spare cash or lots of time to experiment with cooking, then please look no further than this cook book – ‘A Girl Called Jack’ by Jack Monroe. If you follow her, quick, easy and cheap recipes, you will be baking bread, soup, and cooking up a storm in the kitchen in no time.  Jack I salute you. You have genuinely helped a girl out. I’m starting to enjoy cooking and I’ve gained confidence in my culinary skills!

Now I’m impressing my partner with my home made soda bread and mixed bean goulash and knocking up tasty food in no time. When I told my partner a few weeks ago that I was going to make bread, he said ‘but we don’t have a bread machine’ to which I replied – looking at my hands ‘these bad boys are my bread making machine!’

Yesterday I cooked up some mixed bean goulash and as I hardly ever eat red meat, I’m trying to eat more pulses so this little number went down a treat.

Here’s the recipe if you want to give it a go. To keep the costs down, as suggested by Jack, instead of adding marmite/vegemite, I added a beef stock cube.


rec goul


goulash ingred

ingred recipe



I served with warm pitta’s and some za’atar bought from Oxfam.


Have you tried Jack’s recipes too? Comments welcome.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Sara!

    What a great simple but filling recipe and how amazing you got za’atar to go with it from Oxfam!!! 🙂

    I love trying to use up my cupboard ingredients and still have to find a way to eat my red kidney beans (which I’m not a big fan of so will be giving this a go to convince me that they’re tasty!!)

    We don’t have a bread machine but still make bread – i hand it to hubby to do the kneading! It’s his exercise!!!

    Hugs, Natalya @ Cottage Retreatist x

  2. saramary86 says:

    Hey Natalya, this dish will have you eating all your kidney beans in no time!! 😉 x

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