Second hand interior style!

I’ve ‘pimped’ out our pad with a fair few second hand goodies. I do love to play interior designer with our home and when we first moved into our unfurnished flat nearly a year ago, it was a blank canvass and a chance for me to add some character and quirkiness to break up the practical but rather bland looking ikea furniture that we purchased. So I’ve had a ball hunting out some pre loved interior bits and bobs for our home. My partner has had to reign in my love for second hand interior chic as if left to my own devices I would probably clutter up the flat.

You don’t have to spend wads of cash on vintage, unique décor for your home, I think it’s much more fun to keep an eye out for bargains in charity shops, car boot sales and yard sales etc. Or if your friends or family are getting rid of something, ask if you can buy it off them.

Here are some of my favourite second hand finds for our home:

painting 1
I bought this picture for a few quid in my local charity shop and I think it’s got so much charm.


50 p vase 4
I bought this beautiful vase from a local yard sale for 50p! Bargain.
tea pot
This teapot rarely gets used for pouring tea, but I love it! It just sits on the kitchen ledge and I couldn’t agree more with what it says – ‘it’s always time for tea!’ Yes, you’ve guessed it – I found this little number in a charity shop.
I picked up this beauty of a chair for £5 from a yard sale. I don’t sit on it as it might fall apart as it’s pretty old! But it’s great as a bed side stand.
I picked up this full length mirror from a charity shop for a few quid. It’s definitely got a vintage appeal about it.


vase 3
A beautiful vase which is perfect for putting flowers in. Charity shop find. Standard.

Have you had much luck with picking up some decent pieces for your home in second hand shops and car boot sales etc?





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