Let it go, let it go!!!


Howdy peeps! I spent much of Monday winter cleaning and I started to de clutter our flat. It’s surprising how much crap can build up in no time at all.

Here’s 10 reasons why I love de-cluttering:

1) It’s good exercise.

2) It creates space…ahhh….breathe….move

3) My surroundings feel lighter and I feel lighter.

4) I donate stuff to my charity shop.

5) It clears my head.

6) I find it re-energising and reinvigorating!!!

7) It makes me realise that I don’t need that much at all and I’m less likely to spend splurge on more crap I don’t need.

8) It makes me grateful. The very fact that I can donate and clear my things out makes me realise how much I have.

9) It makes me happy.

10) You find things that went missing ages ago, like that pair of glasses or that ice scraper for the car. I knew it was somewhere.

Next on my de-clutter to do list is my wardrobe.

Merry Christmas x


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