Gratitude is blooming – Money Mindfulness update!!


gratitude is blooming

Hey guys & gals! I’m excited to write this blog post because I feel like this week has been a bit of a challenge and I’ve nearly got through it! This post is a bit of a ramble (aren’t they all) but I wanted to write as I feel a strong sense of achievement and my sense of gratitude is BLOOMING!! Ain’t that Blooming marvellous!!

In my last post I wrote about how I was going to be more mindful with my spending this year in order to start saving for our dreams and clear some debt.  This whole money mindfulness thang has been inspired by the inspirational Anna that blogs at Anna cleared some serious hefty debt with a spend fast and then a subsequent spend diet.  I’m not really doing a spend fast as such, as I’m still buying stuff, but I am seriously reducing my spending and being more mindful with my money. Mindfulness has helped me cope better with anxiety and day to day stress, so I guess I wanted to incorporate the two. I know this will be a challenge for me and it’s only been a week since I’ve been really putting the mindfulness into practice but I’ve had a breakthrough already but more importantly I feel happier, more grateful and in control. Let me explain:

So this week I had to do two socially awkward/embarrassing things to avoid spending the dough – below is the list of things I’ve done to save some serious money in one week:

1) I was very kindly invited to a friend’s hen do this week – last minute but I declined. As much as I didn’t want to say no – by saying no I’ve probably saved £150 – £200 which I just ain’t got and I don’t want to get even further into debt.  But you know what – people totally understand where I’m coming from and empathise. The old me would have said – of course I can come and just extended the overdraft by another few hundred, but the new me is being more sensible and determined.

2) I declined a work do and probably saved £20 – £30 Again, this was not easy/slightly embarrassing but my colleagues very kindly understood.

3) Making packed lunches and not buying take out coffee has saved me £25- £30 easily, maybe more.

4) Not buying that cute trinket from Cath Kidston store in Picadilly even with a 50% sale on – total saving £10 +++ Again, the old me would just spend, spend, spend.

So lets total it up: Total amount I could have spent based on the above situations I found myself in: £200 – £270

Total amount I actually spent in the above situations: £0

This ain’t about being tight or stingy, in fact it’s the opposite, I find saving in places allows me to be more generous in other areas of my life whether that’s with my time or money – it’s just about being more mindful and being determined. I got GOALS!!! And I want to achieve them.

More importantly, this week I have felt more grateful for all the things I have in my life – whether that’s a constant source of food to eat, lovely coffee to make, a beautiful flat to rent, my partner and family, friends and work colleagues. Maybe this money mindfulness and gratitude go hand in hand.

I recently read this and it gave me goose bumps ‘to get more from life we first have to appreciate what we already have.’ My cousin exemplified this a few weeks ago – she is an inspiration and constantly expressing gratitude. Her and her partner unfortunately had to leave their flat they were renting all last minute and find somewhere else to live asap as the flat was giving them health problems – yep mould can definitely do that. Rather than being angry at the land lord (which they had every right to be) they gracefully found temp accommodation and put their names on the list for their dream flat to rent.  My cousin had her fingers crossed her application would be successful so her and her partner could live there but she had no expectations or attachments to the dream flat and instead said ‘ we are lucky to have found this temporary accommodation so quickly.’ You know what – she got the dream flat! Boom! Yep, and boy do they deserve and need it. Life doesn’t always work out the way we want and she may not have got the flat and had to move yet again to another temporary accommodation, but what I liked was the fact that she was grateful for all that she already had and she was grateful that they luckily escaped the flat with mould and any further illness as a result.

I’m excited about what week 2 will bring, I’m just going to take it day by day and try and appreciate each day more and more and ALL that I have that money can and CAN’T buy.

Have you been practicing mindfulness/ reducing spending in your life recently? I’d love to hear about it? Comments welcome always.


Peace x









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