10 Reasons why guinea pigs are amazing!


I own two amazing guinea pigs – Mixie and Bowie and they are EPIC animals!! They have heaps of personality and they are really therapeutic. Me and my partner rent a flat and the landlord doesn’t allow animals (booo!) but we’ve been a bit cheeky (ok, a lot cheeky) and over 18 months ago we went to Pets at Home and got Mixie and Bowie.  So here are 10 reasons why guinea pigs rock and make fantastic pets:

  1. The have lots of personality, and they’re very chatty; you know when they’re happy, restless, want to be fed just by the various sounds they make.  It’s like a whole new language – I call it ‘piggy language.’
  2. They are low maintenance. If you’re out at work all day you don’t need to feel guilty about leaving them at home. As long as they’re in pairs and you give them daily water, hay, nibblets and veggies they are happy.  They need exercise as well, and they need their cage big enough to run around in. We also have a large play pen that we put regularly so they can have a gold old run around.
  3. They love to be cuddled and will happily stay on your lap while you watch Netflix.
  4. They are great as first pets and children love them.
  5. They POPCORN!!  They jump in the air when they’re happy and the official term for this is popcorning!! And they eat popcorn…ok…no they don’t but that would be funny.
  6. They are very therapeutic animals and calming to be around. There’s nothing quite like guinea pig cuddles after a long stressful day to chill you out!
  7. Just before they’re about to be fed they make lots of noise and get ridiculously happy.
  8. They make me laugh – they really do have funny moments.
  9. Mixie and Bowie can wash Matt’s car

guinea pigs washing cars

Image from http://www.incrediblethings.com/pets/a-guinea-pig-doing-people-stuff/

10. Ok, ok, that’s not Mixie and Bowie and that’s not Matt’s car….but still they are AMAZING!!!!

How amazing are animals!!? I would love to hear about your amazing pets – feel free to comment x


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