10 reasons why mother nature is awesome!

thank you mother nature

I live near Sutton Park, which is a National Nature Reserve and it’s one of the largest urban parks in Europe.  This weekend we went for a good walk in this beautiful park, breathed in some fresh air and sat a while and took in some beautiful views.

Here are some pics I took whilst sitting on a bench over looking the boats floating by on the lake. The sun kissed the waters and left diamonds strewn across the lake. Ahh mother nature, you get me every time!

water diamonds


The couple next to us on their bench, had the right idea and they were sipping on their glasses of vino, taking in the gorgeous views as their dogs rolled around on the grass. As I sat on the bench and the warmth of the sun kissed me, I thought  about how mother nature is frikkken awesome and that I’m going to be more outdoorsy over the coming months. Even if it’s cold outside, I’m determined to wrap up and get myself to my local more often. Local park that is 😉

Here are 10 reasons why mother nature is awesome!!

  1. Mother nature is beautiful. In the UK we have ridiculously beautiful parks and countryside and it’s a privilege.
  2. I find going for a walk in a beautiful park clears my head and it’s a blimmin’ marvellous way to de-stress.
  3. Walking = exercise and exercise is good for you. Or so I’ve been told 😉
  4. Walking around a park and taking in the sights and sounds of nature is free. It doesn’t cost a dime. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  5. If you’re a dog owner, walking your dog in a park is a great way to meet other dog owners and get chatting to new people.
  6. The air seems fresher in the retreat of a park – away from the hustle and bustle’ of the roads and cars, it’s just cleaner and crisper.
  7. Appreciating nature is a great way to welcome the changing of the seasons. At the moment the trees are filled with autumnal oranges, greens and browns, and knowing that they will be bare in a month or so makes me want to make the most of Autumn and the here and now.
  8. Nature teaches us about letting go and change. Just as the leaves of the trees fall to the ground in winter, leaving the trees bare, we know that this is just for a few months and soon Spring arrives  and brings with it the hope of new beginnings.
  9. Your local park can be a great family day out. Kids love being outside and running around like lunatics.
  10. There are lots of trees in a  park. This is Matt’s reason.  Thank you Matthew for your input and keen observation.

There’s bound to be more reasons, feel free to comment and let me know some more reasons to be grateful to nature! Do you also find your local park is a great go -to place to de-stress?


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