Urban retreats….park life & coffee shops


The day to day hustle and bustle of city and working life can sometimes leave you little time to stop and smell the roses. That’s why one of the best ways I can spend some of the weekend, will be in my favourite coffee shop and taking a brisk walk around our local park. I find it does wonders in making me feel better.

iPhones are banned, (unless of course I’m taking photos for this blog 😉 ) and the simple pleasures of drinking fine coffee in a quirky cafe and talking to my hubby can be enjoyed. It’s hard to spot people actually talking to each other these days, usually people (including myself) are glued to their iPhones and gadgets.


Sometimes it’s in these moments of calm, stillness and reflection that we can discover new things around us, in other people or about ourselves. There’s minimal distraction and you can just ‘be.’

This weekend, I discovered a little bit more about my husband and how inspiring he is. Matt has had a rough time with work over the last 18 months and his health has taken its toll on him. However, he is turning it around and over the last few weeks he has started a tough but exciting journey to become healthier and happier, with regular gym visits and healthy eating.  It’s not easy to keep going when you hit rock bottom in how you feel, but he has done it and over the last few weeks he has felt a lot better for making positive change.

Flowers, blossom and colour amongst the bare trees let us know Spring is on its way!

diamonds on water

me and matt

Just 20 minutes into walking in the park and I already feel better, the air is cleaner, we’re exercising and the therapeutic effects of nature let me know Spring is on its way.

How do you escape the hustle and bustle of city life?

Where are your urban retreats?


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