Tag your Bag – Part 2

The decluttering continues and this weekend I got hubby on board too by asking him to  bag up and tag up the clothes he hasn’t worn in an age and unlikely to wear again. Half an  hour later, we had 7 tagged bags near the door, ready to be taken to our local Oxfam shop. And boy did it feel good!


all bags

Read about how you can keep track of how much money you’ve raised through donating your stuff in Tag your Bag – Part 1

You can also collect nectar points when your donations are sold at Oxfam – for every pound raised; you’ll collect 2 nectar points – not bad ey! Your donations will also be worth 25% more thanks to Gift Aid and the Tag Your Bag scheme.

I got my whole de-cluttering and minimalist inspiration from two epic blogs – andthenwesaved.com and theminimalists.com

So if you think your home might need a bit of a declutter – Oxfam needs your donations and your nectar card needs those points, so – bag it up!

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  1. Lyn Suzanne Akkad says:

    Good stuff!

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