Mixie and Bowie – the amazing guinea pigs

I want to dedicate this very short blog post to two amazing guinea pigs – Mixie and Bowie, that have both sadly passed away. Bowie – the piggie with the blonde tuft in the pic below, went to rainbow bridge 5 weeks ago, and Mixie – the black and white piggie, passed away last August. We had them both for nearly four years, and they were complete therapy piggies, always down for a cuddle, they both had heaps of personality, and very distinct characters, and didn’t want for much. The unconditional love you receive from animals is such a blessing, they have a wonderful innate ability to help heal, love and comfort us, and they help us to concentrate on the here and now. Animals have the whole mindful approach to life on lock down. They’re just always in the moment – enjoying the here and now.





Mixie and Bowie – thank you for all you did for me and Matt. xx

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  1. love the blog for Mixie and Bowie x x

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